curry-addtypes - A tool to add missing type signatures in a Curry program

This package contains the tool curry-addtypes which adds missing type signatures to top-level operations in a Curry module. Moreover, it contains a library to process strings containing Curry source code and classifies it into a few standard categories

Installing the tool

The tool can be directly installed by the command

> cypm install addtypes

This installs the executable curry-addtypes in the bin directory of CPM.

Using the tool

If the bin directory of CPM (default: ~/.cpm/bin) is in your path, execute the tool with the Curry program where type signatures should be added, e.g.,

> curry-addtypes LazyProgram

This command replaces the program LazyProgram.curry by a new program text where type signatures to top-level operations have been added. The old version of the program is saved to LazyProgram.ORG.curry.