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Curry Package html

html: Support for HTML programming

This package contains libraries to support HTML programming.

In order to execute dynamic web pages, you need to install the Curry Port Name Server (CPNS), the HTML/CGI Registry, and the script to generate CGI scripts from Curry programs. This can be easily done by the commands

> cypm install cpns
> cypm install html-cgi
> cypm install html

These commands install the executables curry-cpnsd, curry-cgi, and curry-makecgi in the bin directory of CPM. curry-makecgi is used to compiler a dynamic web page implemented in Curry, whereas the other executables are invoked during the execution of a dynamic web page.

Some simple examples for dynamic web pages can be found in the directory examples.

CGI Registry

The CGI registry is a table of all active CGI server processes. Usually, all CGI server processes are automatically started or terminated (e.g., after 120 minutes of inactivity). In order to manage these processes manually, one can use the CGI registry. For this purpose, one can install the web script registry.cgi (from the program WebRegistry.curry in subdirectoy helpers, see more information there). Then one can use this web script to see and manipulate the current registry from the local host of the web server, e.g., by a web browser or in a terminal via curl.

For instance, to see a list of active CGI server processes, execute

curl http://localhost/.../registry.cgi?show

To clean the registry from old CGI server processes, execute

curl http://localhost/.../registry.cgi?clean


Checkout with CPM:
cypm checkout html 2.1.0
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html-2.1.0.tar.gz [browse]
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