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Curry Package residuation-analysis

An analyzer of the residuation behaviour of Curry programs

This package contains a tool to analyze the residuation behavior of Curry programs. The residuation behavior is abstracted in the form

  • if arguments i1,i2,..,in are ground values, then the function does not residuate
  • the function might residuate or evaluates to a non-ground value independent of the groundness of the arguments

The tool can simply show these analysis results or store the results as a Curry term of type


Thus, it is a list of pairs consisting of the qualified function name and a list of argument indices (numbered from 1). The indices are either the required ground arguments or [0] if the function might residuate. This information can be used by Curry compiler (e.g., PAKCS) to optimize the compilation of non-residuating operations.

The tool has also options to show all possibly residuating operations of a module or to print some statistics in CSV format (see option --help).


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