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Curry Package rw-data


This package contains an implementation of a compact data term representation which can be used to write data to files and read data from files faster compared to the standard instances of Show and Read. Furthermore, the accompanying package rw-data-generator contains a tool curry-rw-data to generate read and write operations for all types defined in a given module. For this purpose, the tool generates instances of the class ReadWrite (see module RW.Base) for the given type declarations.

To write and read compact data to and from files, the module RW.Base provides operations, like

readDataFile  :: ReadWrite a => FilePath -> IO (Maybe a)
writeDataFile :: ReadWrite a => FilePath -> a -> IO ()

to read and write compact data.


If the module Mod contains definitions of data types, the command (see package rw-data-generator to generate the executable)

> curry-rw-data Mod

generates a new Curry module ModRW containing instance definition of class ReadWrite for all types defined in Mod. In order to store or read these data in a compact format, one has to import the module Mod, ModRW and RW.Base in order to use the operations writeDataFile or readDataFile.


The ideas and description of the compact data representation are described in the bachelor’s thesis

Compact Representation of Data Terms (in German, by Lasse Züngel, CAU Kiel, March 2024)


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