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Curry Package flatcurry-typed


This package contains libraries to deal with TypedFlatCurry programs.

The package contains the following modules:

  • FlatCurry.Typed.Conversion: This module provides cnversion from TypedFlatCurry to AnnotatedFlatCurry with type-annotations
  • FlatCurry.Typed.Files: This module defines operations to read and write TypedFlatCurry programs.
  • FlatCurry.Typed.Goodies: This module provides some useful operations to select and modify components in TypedFlatCurry programs, i.e., it provides a collection of selector and transform functions for TypedFlatCurry.
  • FlatCurry.Typed.Pretty: This module provides a pretty-printer for TypedFlatCurry modules.
  • FlatCurry.Typed.Types: This module defines the data types to represent TypedFlatCurry programs in Curry.


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cypm checkout flatcurry-typed 3.0.0
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flatcurry-typed-3.0.0.tar.gz [browse]
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