Masala: The Repository of Curry Packages

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Category name Description
Analysis Packages with libraries and tools to analyze (Curry) programs
Compiler Packages to support the development of (Curry) compilers
Constraints Packages to support constraint programming for various constraint domains
Control Packages to support control structures in Curry programs
Data Packages implementing various data structures for programming
Database Packages supporting the connection of Curry programs to databases
Debugging Packages to support the debugging of Curry programs
Documentation Packages to support documentation tasks
IO Packages providing extra support for input/output tasks in Curry
Logic Packages to deal with logic-oriented non-deterministic computations
Metaprogramming This category contains packages for meta-programming. Meta-programs are programs handling programs (possibly written in other programming languages) as data so that they can be interpreted, translated, or analyzed.
Narrowing Packages to support, e.g., interpret or visualize, narrowing strategies
Network Packages to support communication over computer networks
Numeric This category contains packages providing numeric operations or representations of numeric objects.
Optimization Packages to support the optimization of Curry programs
Packaging Tools to support the management of Curry packages
Parsing This category contains packages to support the implementation of general parsers or parsers for specific languages.
Printing Packages to support printing and formatting
Programming Packages to support various programming tasks when developing Curry programs
Rewriting Packages to support, e.g., interpret or visualize, rewriting strategies
System Packages to support system-related tasks in Curry programs, like file access, process handling, etc.
Testing Packages to support the testing of Curry programs
User Interface This category contains packages with libraries to support the implementation of user interfaces, like GUIs.
Verification This category contains packages to support the verification of (Curry) programs and to provide connections to other verification tools.
Web This category contains packages to support web programming, i.e., the implementation of web-based applications.