Masala: The Repository of Curry Packages

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Data Privacy Policy

This web site is managed by the Programming Languages and Compiler Construction Group at the Kiel University. The general data privacy statement of the Kiel University also applies to this web site. In the following, some specific privacy issues of this website are explained in more detail.


This web site uses technical cookies (stored for at most one hour) to support the navigation through this web site. Moreover, if you log in, your credentials are stored in order to provide you access to your personal data. Passwords are always stored in an encrypted format.

Personal information

If you only browse through the public information of Masala, no personal data is stored. In order to upload and manage packages, one has to register to this web site where the following data is stored:

  • Login name
  • Email address
  • Public name
  • Encrypted password

The login name, email, and password are required to identify yourself to Masala. The public name (which need not be your real name) is shown with your uploaded packages. In addition, you can decide to provide also a public email address. In this case, this address is also shown with your packages so that other users can contact you if they have questions or recommendations to your packages.


If you want to add or correct something in these web pages, please write to masala AT