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abstract-curry abstract-haskell addtypes allvalues ansi-terminal array assoc-legacy base benchmark-papers bindata binint boxes bpmn2bpel call-analysis casc cass cass-analysis ccti cdbi chr-curry clp-pakcs clpbool clpfd-smt combinatorial containers contract-prover contracts coosy cpc cpm cpm-manage cpns cryptohash csv curry-ast curry-interface curry-repl curry-resources curry-source curry2js currybrowse currycheck currydoc currypath currypp db-pakcs det-parse dimacs directory distribution dsdcurry easycheck ertools exact-print execpath extra failfree filepath finite-map fl-parser flatcurry flatcurry-annotated flatcurry-compact flatcurry-type-annotated flatcurry-typed frontend-exec global global-variables golang graph-inductive graphviz gui html html-cgi html2 icurry importusage inversion io-extra javascript json julia keydb mail-utils makefile markdown ninja nonstrictunif-optimize opt-parse peano peval peval-noshare pflp plural-arguments ports printf process profiling profiling-pakcs prolog prolog2curry property-prover propertyfile queue random read-legacy redblacktree regexp residuation-analysis rewriting roman runcurry rw-data rw-data-generator scc searchtree searchtree-extra searchtree-unsafe setfunction-synthesis setfunctions showflatcurry smtlib smtlib-solver socket sourceproggui spicey stylechecker time transbooleq transformers traversal ui url verify verify-non-fail wl-pprint wui wui2 xml xmldata

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NameExecutableSynopsisVersionUpload date
abstract-curry Libraries to deal with AbstractCurry programs 3.0.0 2024-07-05
abstract-haskell Libraries to represent Haskell programs in Curry 3.0.0 2024-03-16
addtypes curry-addtypes A tool to add missing type signatures in a Curry program 3.2.0 2024-01-30
allvalues Libraries with operations to strongly encapsulate non-deterministic computations 4.0.0 2024-03-11
ansi-terminal Library supporting formatted output on terminals 3.0.0 2024-03-15
array An implementation of arrays with Braun trees. 3.0.0 2024-03-16
assoc-legacy Library to deal with a global association between strings 1.0.0 2024-03-16
base Base libraries for Curry systems 3.2.0 2024-05-31
benchmark-papers exec-benchmarkpaper A tool to support executable benchmark papers 3.0.0 2024-03-16
bindata Library to support reading/writing binary data 3.0.0 2024-03-16
binint Libraries with a binary representation of natural and integers 3.0.0 2024-03-13
boxes A pretty printer for boxes 3.0.0 2024-03-12
bpmn2bpel Libraries to support a bi-directional transformation between BPMN and BPEL 3.1.0 2024-03-13
call-analysis curry-ndopt A call-pattern analysis and transformation tool to improve lazy non-deterministic computations 3.2.0 2024-01-29
casc curry-style A tool to check the formatting style of Curry programs 2.0.0 2023-11-12
cass cass CASS: the Curry Analysis Server System 4.0.0 2024-07-05
cass-analysis Libraries with various compile-time analyses for Curry 4.0.0 2024-07-05
ccti ccti Curry Concolic Testing Interpreter 0.0.1 2023-11-12
cdbi Libraries for type-safe database programming 3.2.0 2023-11-24
chr-curry A library to use Constraint Handling Rules in Curry programs 3.2.0 2024-07-09
clp-pakcs CLP libraries for PAKCS 3.2.0 2024-01-29
clpbool A library with a constraint solver over the Booleans 2.0.0 2020-04-01
clpfd-smt Libraries for finite-domain constraints implemented with SMT/SAT 0.0.2 2023-11-12
combinatorial A collection of common non-deterministic and/or combinatorial operations 3.2.0 2024-01-29
containers Library implementing various datastructures 3.0.0 2024-07-02
contract-prover curry-contracts A tool to verify contracts in FlatCurry programs 3.0.0 2024-07-17
contracts Some auxiliaries used by various Curry tools to check contracts 3.1.0 2024-03-16
coosy coosy-gui A tool to observe functional logic computations 3.1.0 2024-03-16
cpc cpc Curry Program Coverage tool 0.0.1 2023-11-12
cpm cypm Curry Package Manager: a tool to distribute and install Curry libraries and applications 3.2.0 2024-06-18
cpm-manage cpm-manage Tools to manage the main repository of the Curry Package Manager 3.0.0 2024-06-19
cpns curry-cpnsd Curry port name server and sockets with symbolic names 3.0.0 2024-03-13
cryptohash Library for simple cryptography hashing 3.0.0 2024-03-15
csv Library for reading/writing files in CSV format 3.0.0 2024-03-12
curry-ast Libaries to represent Curry programs 2.2.0 2023-11-12
curry-interface curry-showinterface Libraries to represent and read module interfaces of Curry programs 1.0.0 2024-05-31
curry-repl A universal REPL which can be used on top of a Curry compiler 1.1.1 2024-06-05
curry-resources Library defining various URLs related to Curry 1.0.0 2023-11-24
curry-source Libraries to support the checking of Curry source code 1.1.0 2024-01-29
curry2js curry2js A compiler for Curry into JavaScript programs used in WUIs. 2.0.0 2023-11-12
currybrowse curry-browse A GUI to browse and analyze the modules of a Curry program 3.0.0 2024-04-15
currycheck curry-check A tool to support automatic testing of Curry programs 3.2.0 2024-01-30
currydoc curry-doc A documentation generator for Curry 3.1.0 2024-04-15
currypath Operations to deal with Curry module names and paths 3.0.0 2024-06-09
currypp currypp The standard preprocessor of Curry 3.2.0 2024-03-25
db-pakcs Old database libraries for PAKCS (deprecated) 1.0.0 2023-11-12
det-parse Deterministic parser combinators 3.0.0 2024-03-12
dimacs An interface to SAT solvers supporting DIMACS. 3.0.0 2024-03-16
directory Library for accessing the directory structure of the underlying operating system. 3.0.0 2024-03-15
distribution The module in this package contains definition of constants to obtain information concerning the current distribution of the Curry compiler system. 3.0.0 2021-01-26
dsdcurry dsdcurry A tool for declarative software development 1.0.0 2023-11-12
easycheck Libraries for automated, property-based testing of Curry programs 3.2.0 2024-01-29
ertools erd2curry Tools for dealing with database applications specified by entity-relationship diagrams 3.0.0 2023-12-14
exact-print Libaries to exactly print curry-ast 1.0.0 2023-11-12
execpath Operations related to the program execution path 3.0.0 2024-03-15
extra General utility functions 3.0.0 2024-03-15
failfree curry-failfree A tool to verify whether a Curry program executes without failures 3.0.0 2024-03-16
filepath A library for FilePath manipulations, using Posix or Windows filepaths depending on the platform. 3.0.0 2024-03-15
finite-map Library implementing finite maps (efficient mappings from keys to values) 3.0.0 2024-03-16
fl-parser Library with functional logic parser combinators 3.0.0 2024-03-16
flatcurry Libraries to deal with FlatCurry programs 3.1.0 2024-07-05
flatcurry-annotated Libraries to represent FlatCurry programs with arbitrary annotations 3.3.0 2024-03-16
flatcurry-compact curry-compactflat A tool to reduce the size of FlatCurry programs 3.0.0 2024-03-16
flatcurry-type-annotated Libraries to read and write FlatCurry programs with type annotations 3.4.0 2024-03-16
flatcurry-typed A libary for working wih TypedFlatCurry 3.0.0 2024-03-16
frontend-exec Operations to execute the front end of the Curry system 3.3.0 2024-03-15
global Library for handling global entities in programs 3.2.0 2023-12-16
global-variables Library for handling global variables in PAKCS 1.1.0 2023-11-12
golang Libraries to represent Go programs in Curry 1.0.0 2024-03-12
graph-inductive Library for inductive graphs 3.0.0 2024-03-13
graphviz Libraries to visualize graphs with Graphviz 3.0.0 2024-03-13
gui Libraries for programming graphical user interfaces 3.0.0 2024-03-25
html curry-makecgi Libraries for HTML programming. 2.1.0 2023-11-12
html-cgi curry-cgi Support for CGI programming in HTML libraries 0.0.1 2023-11-12
html2 curry2cgi Libraries for HTML programming with event-handler-based form processing 3.5.0 2024-03-18
icurry icurry Intermediate format for compiling Curry to imperative languages 3.2.0 2023-11-24
importusage curry-usedimports Library and tool to show the usage of imported entities of a module 3.0.0 2024-03-16
inversion Utility operations to invert functions 3.0.0 2024-03-16
io-extra Library with some useful extensions to the IO monad. 3.0.0 2024-03-15
javascript Libraries to represent JavaScript programs in Curry 3.0.0 2024-03-13
json A JSON library for Curry 3.0.0 2021-04-15
julia Libraries to represent Julia programs in Curry 3.0.0 2024-03-12
keydb Libraries for accessing databases via database keys 3.1.0 2023-11-24
mail-utils Library with operations for sending emails. 3.0.0 2024-03-11
makefile curry-genmake Library and tool for generating makefiles 3.0.0 2024-03-16
markdown md2pdf Libraries to process markdown documents 3.3.0 2023-11-10
ninja Representation and generation of Ninja files 3.0.0 2024-03-13
nonstrictunif-optimize curry-nonstrictopt Linearity optimizer for functional patterns 3.0.0 2024-03-16
opt-parse An option parser for Curry 3.0.0 2024-03-12
peano Library defining natural numbers in Peano representation 1.1.0 2024-07-10
peval curry-peval A partial evaluator for Curry 2.0.0 2023-11-12
peval-noshare curry-pevalns A partial evaluator for Curry (without sharing) 0.1.0 2023-11-12
pflp Library for Probabilistic Functional Logic Programming 2.0.0 2023-07-19
plural-arguments curry-plural A tool to implement plural arguments in a Curry program 3.0.0 2024-03-16
ports Library for distributed programming with ports 3.0.0 2024-03-16
printf Operations to format values of basic data types with formatting flags 3.0.0 2024-03-16
process A library for process manipulation and information. 3.0.0 2024-03-15
profiling Simple profiling library with operations to access run-time data 3.0.0 2024-07-03
profiling-pakcs Library to access profile data of the back-end Prolog system of PAKCS 1.1.0 2023-11-12
prolog Libraries to represent Prolog programs in Curry 3.0.0 2024-03-12
prolog2curry pl2curry A tool to transform Prolog programs to Curry programs 1.2.0 2024-07-17
property-prover currvy A tool to verify properties of Curry programs (contracts, non-failing) 1.1.0 2024-07-15
propertyfile Read and update files containing properties in equational syntax 3.0.0 2024-03-15
queue Library with double-ended queues supporting access at both ends in constant amortized time 3.0.0 2024-03-15
random Library for pseudo-random number generation 3.0.0 2024-03-15
read-legacy A library for reading and writing from or to strings. 3.0.0 2024-03-15
redblacktree Libraries implementing red-black trees for tables and sets 3.0.0 2024-03-11
regexp Libraries to specify the structure and semantics of regular expressions 4.1.0 2024-01-29
residuation-analysis curry-anaresinfo Analyzing the residuation behavior of Curry programs 3.0.0 2024-03-16
rewriting Libraries for term rewriting and narrowing 3.0.0 2024-03-16
roman Library for roman numbers 2.0.0 2024-03-12
runcurry runcurry Implementation of a command to run Curry programs directly 3.0.0 2024-03-18
rw-data Base operations to support reading and writing data in a compact (string) representation 1.0.0 2024-07-05
rw-data-generator curry-rw-data A tool to generate read and write operations for a compact data representation 1.0.0 2024-07-05
scc Computing strongly connected components 3.0.0 2024-03-11
searchtree Libraries with operations to strongly encapsulated non-deterministic computations as a search tree or list 3.0.0 2024-01-29
searchtree-extra Some extra libraries to deal with seach trees 1.0.0 2024-01-29
searchtree-unsafe Library to represent strongly encapsulated non-deterministic computations as a search tree where local unbound variables remain free 1.0.0 2023-11-12
setfunction-synthesis synsetfun Prototype implementation of synthesizing set functions 0.0.1 2023-11-12
setfunctions Implementation of set functions to encapsulate non-deterministic computations in a strategy independent manner 3.0.0 2024-03-11
showflatcurry curry-showflat Library and tool to show FlatCurry programs in human-readable (Curry-like) form 3.0.0 2024-03-16
smtlib Implementation of the SMT-LIB standard for Curry 3.0.0 2024-03-16
smtlib-solver This package provides general operations for an interactive communication with SMT solvers via stdin and stdout. 3.0.0 2024-03-16
socket Library for programming with sockets 3.0.0 2023-12-18
sourceproggui curry-showsource A simple GUI for highlighting functions in the source text of a Curry module. 3.0.0 2024-03-16
spicey spiceup A web application framework for Curry 4.2.0 2024-03-25
stylechecker curry-stylecheck A tool to check the formatting style of Curry programs 1.1.0 2023-11-12
time Library for handling date and time information. 3.0.0 2024-03-15
transbooleq curry-transbooleq A transformation tool to replace Boolean equalities by equational constraints 3.1.0 2024-03-16
transformers A portable library of functor and monad transformers 3.0.0 2024-03-11
traversal Library to support lightweight generic traversals through tree-structured data 3.0.0 2024-03-11
ui Libraries to implement declarative user interfaces 2.0.0 2023-11-12
url Library for dealing with URLs 3.0.0 2024-03-11
verify curry-verify A tool to support the verification of Curry programs 3.0.0 2024-03-16
verify-non-fail curry-calltypes A tool to verify Curry operations as non-failing 1.2.0 2024-07-17
wl-pprint Pretty printing combinators for Curry (inspired by Leijen's library for Haskell) 3.0.0 2024-03-11
wui Libraries to support the type-oriented construction of web user interfaces 2.0.0 2023-11-12
wui2 Libraries to support the type-oriented construction of web user interfaces based on the html2 package 3.1.0 2024-03-11
xml Libraries for XML processing 3.0.0 2024-03-11
xmldata curry-data2xml A tool for generating XML conversion functions 3.0.0 2024-03-11


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